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See how wind energy is sweeping our state and nation.

Point of View: Still leading, still learning

Times have certainly changed since one saw bumper stickers in Oklahoma that said, “Lord, please send us another oil boom. We promise we won’t throw this one away.” What we got was something far better — new technologies, forward-thinking companies willing to take risks, and sensible regulations that have made Oklahoma an energy leader. Oklahoma […]

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Ray: Punitive wind power bills will set Oklahoma back

Oklahoma’s production tax credit for wind power expired in 2017 and was never renewed, a sensible move that acknowledges the advancements wind power has made in becoming a competitively priced form of generation. Wind power no longer needs a 10-year, half-cent-per-kilowatt-hour credit to compete with conventional forms of electricity. Mission accomplished! But some Oklahoma lawmakers […]

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Oklahoma grid operator says wind provided more than 60 percent of the power Friday

NewsOK – 3/17/2018 The Southwest Power Pool, which manages the Great Plains’ electric grid, announced Friday it had set a wind-penetration record of 60.56%. During that minute, wind supplied 13,928.94 megawatts of the 22,998.71 megawatts needed to provide power to customers within the pool’s 14-state coverage area. This record is just one of nearly a […]

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Oklahoma lawmakers propose cutting tax credits for wind farms

Houston Chronicle – 3/14/18 Despite being the number two state for wind power capacity, Oklahoma has soured on its wind industry, which has lost all state-level tax incentives amid a budget crisis brought on by the oil bust. Now the Oklahoma legislature has proposed caps on tax credits for the wind industry that could bankrupt […]

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Wind Companies Reconsider Oklahoma As Lawmakers Roll Up Economic Welcome Mat

NPR State Impact – 3/1/18 Wind incentives have proved essential for many landowners and local governments, and have helped propel Oklahoma to the number 2 wind producer in the nation. But after oil prices crashed and state budget gaps widened, State legislators started missing the money. Now the incentive rollback is causing some wind companies to reconsider […]

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Oklahoma wind farms are helping U.S. move toward a sustainable energy future

NewsOK – 3/7/18 America is making economic and energy efficiency gains thanks to renewable and sustainable energy projects like wind and natural gas. Oklahoma playing a huge part in this, according to Ethan Zindler, the head of U.S. research at Bloomberg’s New Energy Finance. “When we look around the world and we think of wind projects on […]

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