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Ray: Punitive wind power bills will set Oklahoma back


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GUSTS OF WIND: Energy industry growing in the northwest part of Oklahoma

ENID, Okla. — The wind industry continues to grow ever larger in Oklahoma every year, keeping Oklahoma consistently at the top of the list in renewable energy resources. Oklahoma ranks third nationwide for installed wind capacity and second for total wind energy generation, according to OK Wind Power. There are 8,072 megawatts (MW) of installed wind capacity […]

Point of View: Still leading, still learning

Times have certainly changed since one saw bumper stickers in Oklahoma that said, “Lord, please send us another oil boom. We promise we won’t throw this one away.” What we got was something far better — new technologies, forward-thinking companies willing to take risks, and sensible regulations that have made Oklahoma an energy leader. Oklahoma […]

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Ray: Punitive wind power bills will set Oklahoma back

Oklahoma’s production tax credit for wind power expired in 2017 and was never renewed, a sensible move that acknowledges the advancements wind power has made in becoming a competitively priced form of generation. Wind power no longer needs a 10-year, half-cent-per-kilowatt-hour credit to compete with conventional forms of electricity. Mission accomplished! But some Oklahoma lawmakers […]

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Oklahoma adds wind in 2018, quarterly update shows

Oklahoma still has the wind at its back when it comes to adding more renewable energy to the Southwest Power Pool’s energy generating portfolio. A report released Wednesday by the American Wind Energy Association shows the Sooner State added 576 megawatts of additional capacity to its wind generation fleet during 2018. Only three other states […]

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