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Ray: Punitive wind power bills will set Oklahoma back

Oklahoma’s production tax credit for wind power expired in 2017 and was never renewed, a sensible move that acknowledges the advancements wind power has made in becoming a competitively priced form of generation. Wind power no longer needs a 10-year, half-cent-per-kilowatt-hour credit to compete with conventional forms of electricity. Mission accomplished! But some Oklahoma lawmakers […]

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How Will Oklahoma’s No. 2 Wind Power Ranking Affect Legislators?

OK Energy Today – 2/3/18 Oklahoma is a leader in the nation for wind-powered electricity, having recently overcome Iowa to become No. 2, behind only Texas. This ranking puts Oklahoma on the national stage and makes the state better able to attract Fortune 500 companies. But at the start of the 2018 Oklahoma legislative session, […]

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Oklahoma’s abundance of wind and natural gas help generate power for much of the nation’s midsection

NewsOK – 2/9/18 Wind energy will pass electric power generated by dams by 2019, the U.S. Energy Information Administration predicts. The EIA expects wind to produce 765,000 megawatt hours per day by 2019, while dams are expected to produce 730,000 megawatt hours. Natural gas-generated power is stable to increasing and renewables are increasing, creating new […]

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Oklahoma pulling up red carpet offered to wind industry

Fox Business – 2-10-18 Thanks to state tax incentives and access to windy areas, the Oklahoma wind industry grew from virtually nothing to No. 2 in the nation, behind only Texas. But when the state’s finances plunged after a downturn in oil, Oklahoma lawmakers cut off all state incentives to wind – and are even considering […]

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Wind goes 2 different ways in Oklahoma and Texas

Houston Chronicle – Feb. 3, 2018 While Texas and Oklahoma lead the nation in wind power, the political climates, industry incentives and entrenched oil and gas interests could not be more different. It’s easier to permit wind projects in Texas than in places like California or New York, but in Oklahoma,  all state tax incentives […]

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Oklahoma moves into No. 2 spot for wind power capacity in the nation

NewsOK – 1-31-18 The American Wind Energy Association released a market report that confirmed that at the end of 2017 Oklahoma had 7,495 megawatts of installed wind power capacity, making the state second in nation for wind production, behind only Texas. The wind power industry across the nation also enjoyed a strong 2017, adding 7,017 […]

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Partnership Formed to Build More Wind Power in Northwest Oklahoma. 

Source: NewsOK – January 17, 2018 Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners – a global investments firm specializing in renewable energy assets – enters into a joint venture with Elawan Wind to build a project that could put 365 megawatts of wind-generated power into the grid that serves. The power will be available to serve Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and […]

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